Meditations on Mythology
    Part 1

    Meditations on Mythology stages a set for a cosmic, therapeutic intervention, encountering 
    mythologies around transformational experiences transmitted through objects and ornamentations, 
    universal myths, therapy, healing and ASMR videos. It begins and ends with The Lowenfeld Test, 
    a diagnostic technique comprised of geometric, coloured wooden tiles, created in 1927 by 
    psychiatrist Dr Margaret Lowenfeld.

    "For the ancient Greeks, the word Kosmos was set in contrast to Chaos. Chaos preceded 
    the emergence of the world as we know it, but was succeeded by Cosmos. Cosmos articles 
    expelled chaos and revealed order." (K.Bloomer, The Nature of Ornament).        

    Collaborative contributor: Artist Lorraine Clarke
    Camera operator + Editor: Sally Mumby-Croft
    Graphic design: Russell Palmer
    Installation view: Clore Study Room, Victoria & Albert Museum
    View videos: here